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Jiangsu Kangle Medical Devices Co.,Ltd.
Address: Teyong Industrilized Zone, Sheyang County, Yancheng city, Jiangsu province, china
Office address: 7F Pacific Life Insurance building, No.9, Daqing Middle Rd, Yancheng, China
Mobile phone:+86-13962081099
Contact person: Ding Manager

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Located in the Yellow Sea in Jiangsu Leisure Medical Devices Co., Ltd., is a company with large-scale equipment and advanced medical equipment manufacturing enterprises. The company not only has a complete ISO13485 and CE etc., and scientific quality management system, the company pay more attention to attract talent, training, training and use. Has been completed in such simple respirator, anesthesia masks, oxygen masks, calcium lime, airway tube joint assembly anesthesia, intubation, endotracheal intubation solid After tuner, development, and manufacturing disposable pad mouth, mouth opening device, anesthesia breathing circuits and other products, the company also based on customer demand, continuously
Development and production of international standards, domestic sophisticated medical equipment products. Meanwhile, the company also has a complete set of market management and market service system
Not only allow medical institutions to obtain high-quality, advanced products and services, but also can provide a good business environment and operating space for the company's agents. In the country
On the international market, the company has product quality and cost control as well as on the international market knowledge and ability to adapt, also received praise from foreign counterparts.

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