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Jiangsu Kangle Medical Devices Co.,Ltd.
Address: Teyong Industrilized Zone, Sheyang County, Yancheng city, Jiangsu province, china
Office address: 7F Pacific Life Insurance building, No.9, Daqing Middle Rd, Yancheng, China
Tel/ Fax:+86-515-89806878
Mobile phone:+86-15261667711
Contact person: Summer Lin

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We are thankful for each collection comes from all over the world elite, thank you with superior wisdom, good heart and industrious hands, created this glorious enterprise, to create a "leisure" brand piece attracted worldwide attention.

We are thankful for each trust us, support us, and we are even willing to jointly advance and retreat of our friends, customers and agents. We will certainly share our achievements with you, and you boarded the pinnacle of the industry.

As the founder of a medical equipment manufacturing enterprises, and I am willing to make every effort to lead everyone together, "dedicated to assist the diagnosis and treatment of a doctor advised to seek the welfare of the sick."

------ Guoping Ding

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