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Jiangsu Kangle Medical Devices Co.,Ltd.
Address: Teyong Industrilized Zone, Sheyang County, Yancheng city, Jiangsu province, china
Office address: 7F Pacific Life Insurance building, No.9, Daqing Middle Rd, Yancheng, China
Tel/ Fax:+86-515-89806878
Mobile phone:+86-15261667711
Contact person: Summer Lin

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Artificially high mountain peaks, win-win for the people of this enterprise. Employees and customers together for enterprises, combined - can only win.

Bumpy Road road of life is set for our growth process. Whether high mountains, or lingering river, blue skies or surging, is to make us feel good, or to make us regret incomplete, no matter what, as long as the intention to experience it, they leave space in our lives deserve eternal memorial. The ultimate goal of our life, in conjunction with the construction and development of our business, as meaning deep.

"Him." "Ground" is a process, "pay" is the result. With diligence, and pay possible. Sedentary, pay would be impossible.

Process may be the most beautiful, beautiful process of a person, even if the final result was not expected that the emergence of true, but can not conceal its wonderful expected in its subjective power generated. The results must be pretty exciting process for breeding. Perhaps this process has defects, there is turmoil, there are twists and turns, these ingredients may be imperfect, but it must also be beautiful and touching. Product design finalization, is a beautiful process, plastic pipe extruder discharge is a beautiful process, an injection molding machine for plastic molding, it is a beautiful process, finished disinfection factory, is a beautiful process. Although the process paid a sweat and labor, but I appreciate the good wishes. See a piece of the product to market, to enter the clinic. Heart, breeds is a beautiful blueprint for the future of the enterprise.

Process may be tortuous, the way of life can not be easy, as the waves move forward, as will encounter various difficulties and twists and turns, each person's life are destined to go through various obstacles, taste bitter and helplessness, the frustration and disappointment . Thus, in the long journey of life, only experienced ups and downs of salty flavors and taste is full of life, joy and sorrow, only sorrow all experience emotions is considered a full life.

We set up factories in the town this special yung wasteland now has three spring and autumn, in these three years, to build new enterprises, we experienced a number of ups and downs, the hardships and frustrations. For a paper approval, can be run off their feet, worn mouth, the door is hard to overcome, something difficult difficulties, and only in exchange for today's hard-won business.  

Construction companies look hard, think tortuous road of life, the gloomy, dark clouds, the life we sometimes experience "too proud Horseshoe disease," the brilliant, also encountered by the "cold front traveling rare" grief. From the "golden rice bowl hand side, no worries about eating and wearing" the days came, once during the heart can not help but have a feeling of sunset, only the tube for the future had a beautiful reverie, but really a step by step way, but it is not easy but I am sure: the process of life is the life of the stone whetstone, edge life flash in tempered; experience is the ore, releasing the vitality of life in refining in life.Experience is experience, experience is accumulated. No experience is no quality of life; there is no accumulation of wisdom, there is no survival. Experience the true meaning of life in exploring the value of life achieve in experience. I do not know where it comes from Life was originally a miracle to go to where there is also a space-time chance, we need to keep fighting to prove the real existence of our lives. So we will need to stimulate our thinking, Lingtai ignite a beacon to illuminate the path to take us, so that we can continue to trek. Life is also a need to continue to travel, no matter how many achievements you yesterday, yesterday you no matter how many there are garden flowers, it belongs to yesterday; if you indulge in the joy of yesterday as one of today's more difficult to enjoy the mellowness of joy. Today, a new beginning, but we need to move forward, but we need to nurture. Life is a never-ending journey never walk, you need a torch of life, until ashes and tears.

------ Guoping Ding

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