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Aseptic Chemist

Recruitment Number:2 Work Place:YanCheng Date of Release:2023-08-23

Recruitment Number:2        Work Place:YanCheng

Term of validity:2023-09-25

Work Experience:2 years          Educational Requirements:college above

Job Requirements:

1、 Analytical chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, biochemical testing and other related professional, bachelor degree or above;

2、With microbiological aseptic testing, clean environment testing, purified water testing more than 2 years of work experience;

Mechatronics Engineer

Recruitment Number:1 Work Place:Yancheng Date of Release:2023-08-08

Recruitment Number:1        Work Place:Yancheng

Term of validity:2023-09-24

Work Experience:3-5 years          Educational Requirements:college above

Job Requirements:

1、Experience with mechatronics, optoelectronics, and precision instruments is preferred;

2、Strong verbal and word processing skills. Familiar with the use of office software Word, Excel, PPT, etc., will be skilled in the operation of CAD, UG or pro-e and other drawing software.