Disposable Endotracheal Tube Holder

Product parameters

Product No. :1810100

Scope of application:

For fixing the tracheal tube and protecting the lips and teeth during clinical endotracheal intubation.

Standard configuration:

Consists of a swivel nut, spring, slider, sponge pad, dental pad body and cheek fixation strap with self-adhesive clasp.

Product details

1.The disposable endotracheal tube holder consists of a rotating nut, spring, slider, sponge pad, dental pad body, and cheek fixation belt with self-adhesive buckle.

2.Products are delivered in sterile and non-sterile state, and sterile products should be sterile after ethylene oxide sterilization. 

3.The rational design of mouthpiece of the fixator not only ensures that the patient will not bite the trachea cannula, but also avoids the oral scratch of the patient.

4.The oval shape of sputum aspiration hole on the fixator effectively utilizes the structural features of the fixator, facilitating the sputum aspiration operation while ensuring the firmness of the fixator.

5.The cannula bayonet on the fixator, together with the fixing bolt, can effectively secure the trachea cannula to the fixator without movement.

6.The fixator liner is made of foam and is glued to the fixator shell; the foam is soft and comfortable.

7.The fixator is attached to patients by cotton webbing whose linking tape can be adapted to patient's of different sizes of neck.

Product parameters:

Product Name:Disposable endotracheal tube holder

Production License No:JSMPA No. 20140065

Registration Certificate No: JSMPA(A)20182140207

Model specification: KL-8015-A, KL-8015-B