Breathing Lines for Anaesthetic Machines and Ventilators Single Pipe Circuit

Product parameters

Product No. :0616731~0617051

Scope of application:

For clinical use with anaesthetic machines or ventilators to establish a respiratory connection for patients.

Standard configuration:

The product consists of a single tube and optional accessories. Optional: Airbag.

Product details

Product features:

1. Standard joints (15mm, 22mm);

2、The body of the tube is a corrugated or telescopic tube made of EVA+PP material;

3、Specifications: children (M), adults (L);

4. Available models: 0.3m,0.4m,0.6m,0.8m,1.0m,1.2m,1.5m,1.8m,2.0m,2.3m,2.5m;

5. Optional accessories: airbags;

6、The product is a sterile medical device and cannot be reused. 

Specification configuration:

Basic configuration of breathing lines for anaesthetic machines and ventilators

Serial   number Product number Product   specifications Pipe length Optional
1 0616731~0616751 KL-8006-Ⅴ 0.3m 1L   airbag, 3L airbag
2 0616761~0616781 KL-8006-Ⅴ 0.4m 1L   airbag, 3L airbag
3 0616791~0616811 KL-8006-Ⅴ 0.6m 1L   airbag, 3L airbag
4 0616821~0616841 KL-8006-Ⅴ 0.8m 1L   airbag, 3L airbag
5 0616851~0616871 KL-8006-Ⅴ 1.0m 1L   airbag, 3L airbag
6 0616881~0616901 KL-8006-Ⅴ 1.2m 1L   airbag, 3L airbag
7 0616911~0616931 KL-8006-Ⅴ 1.5m 1L   airbag, 3L airbag
8 0616941~0616961 KL-8006-Ⅴ 1.8m 1L   airbag, 3L airbag
9 0616971~0616991 KL-8006-Ⅴ 2.0m 1L   airbag, 3L airbag
10 0617001~0617021 KL-8006-Ⅴ 2.3m 1L   airbag, 3L airbag
11 0617031~0617051 KL-8006-Ⅴ 2.5m 1L   airbag, 3L airbag