Product parameters

Product No. :1510331

Scope of application:

It is used for clinically lifting the patient's epiglottis to expose the glottis, and guiding the medical staff to accurately perform airway intubation for anesthesia or first aid.It can also be used for intraoral consultation and treatment.

Standard configuration:

Video anesthetic laryngoscope Type III, USB charging cable, certificate of conformity, warranty card, product manual, packing list

Product details

1.   One-Button Adjustment of FOV   The unique linkage design of the pressing handle greatly facilitates intubation in the difficult airway that is visible but cannot be intubated, while maintaining the accuracy and timeliness of intubation in the conventional airway;

Note: Before routine operation of rigid laryngoscope, it is necessary to mold the front end of the rigid laryngoscope manually in order to see the position of the patient's glottis clearly. Since the position of the glottis varies across patients, there is a probability that the first molding angle is not appropriate, in which case manual molding for the second time is required after the rigid laryngoscope is withdrawn from the patient's mouth, especially in patients with difficult airway for whom the probability of secondary molding is significantly increased. This product only requires a gentle press of the pressing handle for one-button adjustment of the observation angle of the front camera, without the need for secondary molding, which greatly improves the accuracy, timeliness and safety of intubation.

2.   Ergonomic Construction   The handle is made of soft rubber with integrated rubber encapsulation process in its outside gripping part, and incorporates the ergonomic design concept to increase the anti-slip effect, thus providing users with better grip comfort;

3.   Magnetic Charging   The product adopts the more advanced and reliable magnetic charging mode, instead of the traditional plug-in charging scheme, which makes its charging more convenient and greatly reduces the occurrence of charge failure due to loose interface or poor contact of the charging port caused by repeated plugging and pulling.

Technical Parameters

Console modelDisplayOne-Button ImagingOne-Button ResettingMagnetic Charging
Type III3" full view screenYesYesYes