Product parameters

Product No. :0510400

Scope of application:

For low-flow oxygen patients to establish oxygen channels.

Standard configuration:

Single plug nasal oxygen tube consists of catheter, air source connector, bifurcation connector, fixing ring, nasal head sub (single plug);

Product details

Product details:

1. Quick connection: one-step connection method, convenient, fast, solid, advantages of quick plug and play.

2. High pressure resistance:resistant to high pressures of 0.4 MPa.

3. Non-toxic and highly transparent: non-toxic and environmentally friendly material with high transparency.

4. Irradiation sterilization: wetted liquids are sterilised by irradiation.

5. No antibacterial agent: the wetting solution does not contain antibacterial agent.

6. Quiet: nano-microcrystalline wetting, low noise, improve the wetting effect.

7. Time of use: double-layer nano-microcrystalline wetting, to ensure the wetting effect at the same time, reduce water loss and extend the use of time.

8. The use of hexagonal design, anti-folding, oxygen absorption more smoothly to ensure the effectiveness of oxygen therapy.

Product parameters:

Product Name: Disposable Nasal Oxygen Tube

Production License No: JSMPA No. 20140065

Registration Certificate No: JSMPA(A)20152080868

Model: Nasal oxygen tubing is divided into three types according to style: Style A (single plug and double hole), Style B (headgear), and Style C (oxygen tubing).

Style A is available in three sizes according to size: small, medium and large. Optional: Wetting device. The wetting devices are classified into four models according to style: Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ and Ⅳ.  

Specification: 200ml

Structural composition:The single plug nasal oxygen tube consists of a cathete,air supply connector, bifurcated connectors, fixed ring,nose sub (single plug) composition,double-hole nasal oxygen tube consists of catheter,air source connector, bifurcated connector, retaining ring, nose sub (double hole);the head set nasal oxygen tube consists of a catheter,consisting of bifurcated joints, retaining rings and nose subs;the oxygen delivery tube consists of catheter, air source connector and transition connector.Optional:Wetting device, composed of wetting bottle and wetting solution, the wetting solution is purified water.

Scope of application:For establishing oxygen access in patients on low-flow oxygen.

Applicable sections:Respiratory medicine, neurology, gastroenterology, oncology, ICU, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, etc.